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100WEEKS & Nebu changing lives - Social responsibility

100WEEKS, a Dutch organization focused on helping women in developing countries to get out of poverty will use Nebu's market research tools to measure the impact of their upcoming project in Ghana.

100WEEKS & Nebu changing lives - Social responsibility

Malgorzata Mleczko
Posted on 27 November 2017 in CSR
by Malgorzata Mleczko
4 min

For more than one billion people currently living in extreme poverty, life is an everyday struggle. Many of them know very well how to escape poverty but lack the opportunity to realize their potential. 100WEEKS provides one hundred weeks of coaching and financial support for women in Africa. Their mission is well captured by their tagline “Temporary Cash for Permanent Change”. 

100WEEKS has inspired Nebu to officially launch its Social Responsibility Program. Nebu is supporting the organization by providing market research tools to measure the impact of their upcoming project in Ghana. 


100WEEKS, cooperating with African partners such as Caritas Rwanda, connects Dutch individuals and organizations who can donate some money, with people who need it a bit more.

After having successfully rolled out the program in Rwanda in 2015, 100WEEKS is to expand into Ghana. Funded by a grant from the Chocolonely Foundation, 100WEEKS will provide 100 weeks of financial support ($8/week) as well as financial coaching to 100 women in cocoa producing communities. Nebu has become a technological partner for the project, providing the survey and research tools to regularly measure the impact that the money has on the women's lives. The 100WEEKS team has just returned from a field visit to Ghana where they have been finalizing last details before the project starts at the beginning of 2018. To check the exact location of the Suhum area, where the project will take place, go here


100WEEKS founder Jeroen de Lange (middle) with country manager Glowen Kyei-Mensah (right), in front of a batch of cocoa beans drying in the sun.

unnamed (1).jpg

Johannes von Engelhardt, responsible for impact measurement and data analysis at 100WEEKS (left) getting a crash-course in cocoa farming by a representative of the local farmers cooperative.

Jeroen and Johannes told us about their productive and exciting trip to Ghana. They have been setting up the infrastructure and looking for various local partnerships needed for the successful implementation of the project. They found a country manager who will oversee things on the ground, identified a professional local partner-organization that will work with the women on coaching, and build up cooperation with Vodafone Ghana, which agreed to support the cause by allowing to use their mobile cash system while saving on transaction costs.

A central part in all of this is the collection of reliable data about the women’s life situation progress. This is where Nebu comes in.

Johannes von Engelhardt (100WEEKS): As we are setting up a tablet-based pop-up call-centre in our offices in Accra, Nebu will enable our country manager to effectively manage the data collection, to do remote quality control, but also to visualize data directly in Nebu Reporter for our stakeholders to monitor in real-time what is happening in the field. I’m particularly excited about the reporting part All of this will help us immensely to professionalize our data gathering and bring down overhead costs. 

 Stay tuned for more detials about the project.

unnamed (2).jpg

The meeting with the board of the local farmers cooperative to discuss the programme details.

unnamed (3).jpg

One of the smaller ‘hamlets’ (cluster of households) in the target communities in the Suhum area.



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