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An Interview with GDCC

How GDCC, the data collection company, uses the Nebu platform

An Interview with GDCC

Eric van Velzen
Posted on 23 May 2016 in Nebu Software
by Eric van Velzen
3 min
GDCC was one of the earlier clients of Nebu. Established in 1998 as a small center servicing Dutch clients, GDCC has evolved into an independent data collection company providing international telephonic fieldwork services to leading market research and consultancy agencies.

We have asked 3 different questions from 3 people with different roles at the company about the Nebu platform.

Kees-Jan Mars, Managing Director at GDCC

Can you share a few words about GDCC?

GDCC stands for Global Data Collection Company, so basically what we do is CATI fieldwork. We have a call center in Rotterdam, second one in Turkey and we have just opened another in London, and they are all connected to the Nebu platform.

GDCC uses the Nebu software for a long time now. What was the main reason for choosing the product?

In 1998 Nebu already has had the possibility of tracking interviewers and productivity. In that time they were the only one who could provide that kind of information, and since that they are always one step ahead others with their CATI possibilities.

What are the most beneficial things in the Nebu software to GDCC?

The management part for the team leaders, the fact that they are able to see what's happening in the call center. Everyone should see it and try it to really understand how strong is that feature.

Karl Fieldhouse, Operations Manager at GDCC

Can you tell a few word about your role at the company?

I'm the Operations Manager. I have worked here for almost ten years. I started as an interviewer, then as an evaluator, then a team leader and then I came to this role, so I'm very aware of what Nebu does on every level. I'm responsible for everything at the company outside of Project Management and DP, so I'm responsible for the call center itself, not only Rotterdam, but also for Istanbul and London, and soon to be Hong Kong. I'm responsible for the quality control, and for recruitment and training too.

Have you worked with other solutions before Nebu? If so, what are the differences?

I have used many different systems before and I think Nebu offers the best interviewing tool. I really think it's outstanding. It's very straightforward, intuitive, very easy, very flexible. If you're an interviewer, you can do anything you need to do. Everything is programmed in Nebu, you don't need to use an external link, but you also have the option of embedding links or other systems so it is versatile. It's really a wonderful tool.

Would you recommend the product to others?

Yes, without a doubt. Of course there's no such a thing as perfect platform, but it's definitely the best one out there.

Rose Nottingham, Team Leader/Supervisor at GDCC

About how long does it take a new team member to learn how to use the Nebu platform?

For the basic training people get one day. And that is ok because you can find your way around quite easily with the system. There are so many options, and obviously sometimes they differ per project. So it is kind of an on-going training. Even though I'm in the supervisor position for a couple of years, I'm still learning new features.

What are the most important features for you?

For a team leader obviously Active interviewers and Sample Management are the most important. They would be the 2 main functions I use to check what happens in real-time, look at the quota, sample, and to find interviewers.

How does the software help you to supervise your team?

It lets me see what's happening live, and what has happened before. Nebu provides a good tracking system. In some situations you need the evidence when somebody clicks in the wrong place. You can always check what the agent has done to be able to correct it.


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