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Jan Raaphorst
Posted on 19 March 2018 in GDPR
by Jan Raaphorst
4 min

GDPR in Marketing Research: Remove respondent data automatically upon completing a survey

In the previous two articles posted in the GDPR category on Nebu's blog, we've covered the high-level overview of what the GDPR requirements and principles are. Now, let's dive into more specific, product-driven details.

More and more, clients ask us about Nebu Dub InterViewer's functionalities supporting them in complying with the upcoming GDPR legislation. One of the frequently reoccurring inquiries concerns removing respondent data from the project. 

When the respondent completed the interview, and a project is not a longitudinal study, often there is no use anymore for the client to keep the respondent data. In the light of GDPR removing or anonymizing that data even becomes a necessity.


In such case, it makes sense that the respondent data is 'disconnected' from the answers by removing the personally identifiable information from the sample data. Let's see how Nebu Dub InterViewer handles that for you.

Indeed, the functionality we're introducing in this blog post is one of key elements of complying with the GDPR as it fulfils four of six GDPR principles. Having an ability to set up an automated flow on how sample data will be processed in a project upfront will help fieldwork and marketing researchers adhere to:


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