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Zanna van der Aa
Posted on 21 May 2019 in Customer Feedback
by Zanna van der Aa
4 min

Reducing the Risk of AI in Customer Experience Research

You cannot read about any trends in customer experience, without reading about the huge potential of artificial intelligence (AI). There is not a CX tooling company that is not promoting its AI capabilities. Nebu Data Hub also offers support in creating AI on top of your Nebu Dub InterViewer questionnaires. 

AI and CX research

Is AI the way to go in CX research?

In this blog, Zanna van der Aa, for 20 years in the customer experience field, shares her views on why most current AI applications in CX research can lead to wrong conclusions on what your customers really need. And what you can do to maximize the value of AI by tweaking where and when you use it. Let’s start with the CX in a 1 Minute video summary of this blog:


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