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The Online Conundrum: Balancing Trust with Reach

We know the benefits of being online: speed of response, geographical spread, sample size. But how do we minimize the threats?

The Online Conundrum: Balancing Trust with Reach

Ian Roberts
Posted on 14 March 2013 in Security
by Ian Roberts
2 min

We all know the benefits of being online: speed of response, geographical spread, sample size. And are probably aware of the issues we face in our daily online lives: spam, phishing, identity theft.... But do we ever consider them together?


We believe that the level of security and reassurance that customers have when receiving mails, shopping online, or entering their details in SNS, should apply when asking people to take online surveys.

Providing Trust

SSL certificates provide a secure link to the company collecting and holding your data. Providing your survey with a ‘https’ connection can show that you care about your respondents data, and respect their privacy. Encrypting the collected data adds to the sense of security, ensuring that, in the event of a severe security breach, the personal data you hold is safe.

Just as important to your company is getting the invites to reach your respondents or panellists. This can be improved by ‘signing’ your emails with a digital identifier. Adding Domain Key Identification Mail (DKIM) services to your invites, can add an extra level of recognition to mailboxes, meaning that less of your emailing is deemed as SPAM and consigned to the electronic waste bin.

So the invite has been delivered by a trusted source, the data collected through a secure link and held in an encrypted form. But how do you now deliver it to your clients with the same sense of professionalism? Secure FTP (Sftp) can deliver results, direct to your clients trusted servers, in a secure and encrypted format. So that only you, or your client, can read.

The Answer?

Nebu believes that you should provide as much security to your clients and users as they could expect when online, and that is why Nebu have introduced a ‘Security’ package for all their clients.


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