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Increasing Interviewer Productivity

Thinking about choosing a dialer to improve interviewer productivity? Nebu can assist.

Increasing Interviewer Productivity

Ian Roberts
Posted on 2 July 2013 in CATI
by Ian Roberts
1 min

In today's highly competitive fieldwork market place, not only is collecting data quickly and accurately essential, but reducing overall costs of conducting market research is key.

Choosing a dialer

Interviewer productivity and therewith interviewing productivity can be a key area to reduce costs, increase productivity and, therefore, meet ever tightening deadlines for completion of telephony (CATI) studies. However, the levels and complexities of dialer modes can be quite daunting. Fortunately Nebu can assist with clarifying decisions and considerations, when thinking about choosing a dialer: Hardware or software based; modes utilised within which studies; differences between B2B and B2C dialing...

Advantages of using dialers

Naturally the greatest productivity comes from the most aggressive dialing mode, predictive dialing, but considerations when using this mode are high: ensuring adequate sample is loaded, that there are sufficient interviewers available to gain the most from using this mode, costs associated with the dialers that support the mode, the type of fieldwork conducted... 

Our white paper can help you:

  • analyse the benefits and costs associated with using dialers
  • see how a dialer works with your telephone survey software 
  • understand the use of a predictive dialer systems and progressive or auto-dialing modes
  • consider the issues around sample and interviewer size
  • review the expected increase in interviewer talk-time

Interested in how a dialer can assist your operation? Contact Nebu. We are glad to help you!


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