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Customer Feedback: What to Do Once You Have It?

Companies can’t do without customer feedback: It enables them to learn what is liked and what is disliked. But how to get this feedback?

Customer Feedback: What to Do Once You Have It?

Eric van Velzen
Posted on 26 March 2013 in Customer Feedback
by Eric van Velzen
2 min

Companies can'’t do without customer feedback: It enables them to communicate with their customer; to learn what is liked and what is disliked; to understand where improvements can be made, and to receive recognition for the service provided. How to get this feedback? Yes, you'’re right, just ask and you know the answer. This can work when you are a local shop, have face to face contact with your customers, and have built up a relationship. But what to do when you are a new venture, or an online company? In that case it can feel impossible to get to know your clients personally, even if you really would like to.


Okay, the dialog between you and your clients is fundamental to the well being of your organization, irrespective of the fact whether you get it face-to-face, online or by telephone surveys. And by providing all these ways to your customer to choose the way they communicate with you, means they are more likely to respond. 

Receiving all the information you asked for is just the start of a long term relationship: It’'s up to you whether you act on what you’'ve heard, and whether you build on the links you have formed. If you do so, let your customers know their voice was heard, thank them for taking the time to provide well-intentioned advice, and even acknowledge their complaints. You'’ll notice that next time they will be happier to participate in a survey for your company.

Customer feedback by use of data collection system

In gathering information it’s always important to understand how to reach your customers: by web, by telephone, face-to-face or a mixture of these? You may also wish to retain the information you have from your customers for future use, and may consider building a panel for such purposes.

Since 1992 Nebu has provided software for survey research and can tell you everything about the features and facts of data collection systems. Just ask and you get the answers about creating surveys in minutes with pre-designed templates, multilingual surveys, and scalable software with high performance.

At the end you will know what your customers think of the things you believe in: your products and your services. By showing them you actually care about their opinions, they will be really loyal to your business. Just imagine how that could be?


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