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CX360: An end-2-end solution for continuous measurement of Customer Experience

Capture your customers’ thoughts or feelings about brands, products, or services instantly with our fully automated CX360 degrees solution

CX360: An end-2-end solution for continuous measurement of Customer Experience

Malgorzata Mleczko
Posted on 11 May 2020 in Customer Feedback
by Malgorzata Mleczko
4 min

Earlier this year Nebu has launched a comprehensive solution to help you and your clients capture customers’ thoughts or feelings about brands, products, or services. With the CX360 solution, you can measure and evaluate your performance, actions and instantly draw sharp insight to drive your business to success. 


Comprehensive, robust, fully GDPR compliant and user-friendly, the solution allows you to use a fully automated CX flow. Your CX questionnaire can be of any complexity and even offers you an option to close the feedback loop with telephone follow-ups. 


The new solution is easy to use and efficient, with quick project setup thanks to a high level of automatization. Data can be uploaded from any CRM tool into a sample management module. After an automated data check, email, or SMS invitations are sent to start data collection. Once the data is collected, it is automatically pushed into a reporting module for visualization and reporting. Users get access to existing interactive dashboards, reports and tables – and can create their own views and variations. The solution includes a case management module that turns insights into actions.

All data can be retransferred into the CRM system in a closed-loop. Intuitive and eye-catching report analysis and insights are easily conveyed, which ultimately leads to high usage and engagement. Through the automated alert process and visually highlighted insights, report users can focus on what is most important and better prioritize their cases. 

If you wish to see our CX360 solution in action, you can watch this 30 min presentation. You can also download a brochure using the form available to the right.

The CX360 solution is built on an extremely robust and powerful data collection engine, Nebu Dub InterViewer, which means that you get all the flexibility in the world in terms of the complexity of your questionnaire design. Yet, we are aware that in most cases, you want to keep your CX tooling comprehensive and user friendly to facilitate your employees' work and save them from any unnecessary technical struggles. Most of our clients also want to keep the surveys short and sweet not to overwhelm the respondents and maximize the complete rates. For those reasons, we offer a default set-up of Sample Management, Data Collection and Reporting & Case Management modules. 

With the Sample Management module, you can:

  1. Upload your sample
  2. Deduplicate sample
  3. Create and maintain blacklists
  4. Send out invitations (email/SMS) and schedule reminders
  5. Track your project progress and invitations statistics

With the Data Collection module, you can:

  1. Create questionnaires that look excellent on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  2. Have beautifully designed, interactive custom branded surveys
  3. Conduct your research across countries due to the support for multilingual projects
  4. Optional: On-site tablet data collection a.k.a. "the Kiosk mode"
  5. Optional: Closing the feedback loop with telephone follow-up interviewing

With the Reporting and Case Management module, you get access to:

  1. Multiple deliverables like interactive dashboards, ppt-reports and tables
  2. Hierarchical filters for reporting, benchmarks and access controls
  3. Data processing including cleaning, recoding, weighting and variable creation
  4. Case management, including escalation processes with data-triggered alerts and push notifications
  5. Customer history tracking to see previous experiences and communication

If you want to learn more how Nebu can help you optimize you CX projects , please reach out to us! Send an email to To learn more about our CX360 solution download the brochure by submitting the form on the right ➡️➡️➡️


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