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The interactive map plugin for single and multiple answer questions

Keep your online questionnaires even more engaging and fun with Nebu's Map Picker plugin

The interactive map plugin for single and multiple answer questions

Malgorzata Mleczko
Posted on 17 May 2019 in Online Survey
by Malgorzata Mleczko
less than 2 min

For most people, sight is the dominant sense, so when it comes to delivering information, we tend to respond well to when it is served visually, for example on a map.

People like maps. They bring good connotations and help to make sense of things, the surrounding. They stimulate both sides of our brain: the right side that’s creative, intuitive and visual, and the left side that’s logical, rational and analytical. It’s this neat combination of utility and beauty that's why we find them so captivating.

To provision those needs, and to help you keep questionnaires engaging and fun you can use the interactive and responsive maps in your online surveys.

A Map Picker plugin implemented in one of Nebu's questionnaires

All available maps can be used for both single and multiple answer questions.  Among already implemented maps you will find the world map with a selection of continents or countries
To see the new plugin, please go to this demo questionnaire including all currently available maps. As per your needs, we can implement more detailed views from this list or support you in creating a custom map for example of a shop or a mall. 

You can also test the new plugin embedded at the end of this short coffee questionnaire.

On a screen video embedded below, you can see how the Map Picker plugin behaves on a screen smaller than a standard desktop size. 

HubSpot Video

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