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How to Be More Productive in Your Call Center With Dialer as a Service

3 Ways to Be More Productive With a Hosted Dialer

How to Be More Productive in Your Call Center With Dialer as a Service

Eric van Velzen
Posted on 5 February 2016 in CATI
by Eric van Velzen
3 min

Have you ever wanted to boost your calling capabilities or increase your interviewer productivity? Wouldn't it be great to achieve that without the investment and maintenance?

In 2013 we discussed the advantages of using dialers in a blog post and the different dialing modes in our white paper. Back then we already had the vision of a fully hosted dialer. In 2015 we realized that partnerships and technology would now allow us to take a step forward to help market researchers to reduce costs and increase productivity. Nebu has integrated its data collection software with best-of-breed providers, inITova, Sytel and BlueSIP, to offer clients a cloud hosted dialer solution, called Dialer as a Service (DaaS).

Let me walk you through in this blog post how DaaS can help you to achieve your goals:

  • Quality,
  • Productivity,
  • Flexibility.

Increasing Quality

Picture this: You are the manager of a call center and you have agents and suppliers all around the world. You can't be near to all of them at the same time to supervise them, but somehow you need to control everyone. This is where our hosted dialer comes in. It makes you able to record interviews and listen-in with your interviewers.

I can assure you these are going to be your best friends when you want to increase quality. These features help you to monitor the interviewers' techniques and evaluate them. You can use the collected information to improve the interviewer's skills.

Maximize Productivity

At Nebu we understand that it's hard to increase your productivity when you have high costs and investments. Using an automatic dialer helps you to get the best out of your interviewers. The predictive mode even more, as there is a minimal waiting time for your interviewers between one call and the next. Of course, you don't want to be a slave driver, the interviewers can still determine their own breaks and end of a session.

Sytel has led the world for many years on compliance. It has worked with the regulators in many countries to help bring in responsible controls for dialers and even today is the only vendor to actually enforce compliance in its product.The real key to good predictive dialing lies in the quality of the dialing algorithms. Sytel has put many man-years of development into its dialing engine, known as the Virtual Event machine (VEM)®. It is a specialist simulator engine that was designed specifically for the outbound market. All the user does is to specify a maximum target for abandoned calls and leave the rest to VEM®.

Users have shown 10% to 30% increase in productivity! Just imagine what that does to your costs.

Flexibility in CATI Dialing

Sometimes you just need 10 seats, usually you have more and every now and then you would like to take up a project that needs 100 seats. These numbers are fictional, but do you recognize the situation? Are you dreaming of having the flexibility to run a project on multiple locations, or even sometimes abroad?

This flexibility of the Dialer as a Service gives you what you need! It means basically that you have the possibility to use the hosted dialer as little or as much as you want. Also, you are able to select the dialing mode per project. Our virtualized call center supports home workers, which is also a good way to increase flexibility (and reduce costs).

Want to Know More?

Download our case study with IFF who specialized in international CATI Research and read how they maximized Call Center productivity with DaaS.


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