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How to Conduct Point of Sale & On-site Research

Conduct research at exhibitons or events without the necessity of interviewers

How to Conduct Point of Sale & On-site Research

Eric van Velzen
Posted on 14 July 2016 in Nebu Software
by Eric van Velzen
2 min

Conducting research at exhibitions or events is a common practice because you have the chance to meet face-to-face with your clients or prospects and to find out more about their needs.

Questionnaire seen on a mobile phone

Did you know that you can easily do that with Nebu without the necessity of interviewers? All you need is an app and a tablet.

To offer your respondents a questionnaire on a tablet during an exhibition, an event or just at the store, you need only a 3rd party app in which Nebu questionnaire can be run - we can help you with that.

In iOS, for example, you can download the app: Kiosk Pro Lite, but you can use any other app that helps you to make your tablet available to respondents. (Note: Kiosk Pro Lite is just an example, Nebu has no connection with this company whatsoever.)

"We use Nebu's solutions in our research for the health care industry. The Kiosk application allows us to present surveys on our survey stands. This has resulted in a highly efficient work method and a very user-friendly way of conducting research. While this innovative research method is still in an experimental phase, we are satisfied with the results thus far." - Willem Kleefstra, Project manager, excap.

In the Kiosk app you need to configure a few settings like defining URL, setting an idle timer to refresh, and there are a number of restrictions that can be set according to your specific wishes.

In Nebu's software you need to make sure to set the questionnaire to 'open' and to set the GoToURL at the end of the questionnaire to route back to the original questionnaire.

Important to know that this is not an offline solution. The tablet will require an internet connection in order for this to work. Running in kiosk mode also means the screen stays on always. So it is a good practice to have your tablet connected to a power plug constantly to avoid out of battery.

Check out below how a Nebu questionnaire looks on a tablet, and if you would like to learn about questionnaires that will look good on any device, read our blog focusing on how to design a responsive questionnaire.


Questionnaire seen on a tablet


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