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How to Deliver The Highest Level of Data Quality

How to Deliver The Highest Level of Data Quality

Eric van Velzen
Posted on 11 October 2016 in Sampling
by Eric van Velzen
3 min

Nowadays your company's reputation is one of the most important success factors. We know you have the responsibility towards your clients to deliver the highest level of data quality. With TrueSample, you can verify your respondents and reduce the chance of any fraud impacting the outcome of your work.

Data Quality

What is TrueSample Device Fingerprint?

TrueSample Device Fingerprint is a service providing information about a respondent's device for the purpose of identification. It analyzes a number of characteristics from a device and puts them through proprietary algorithms to determine a unique device fingerprint. For example, if a respondent wants to commit fraud using multiple browsers you will be able to identify and take action!


You need to be 100% sure you are delivering the highest quality of service for your clients. One of the most important issues you need to resolve is providing proactive elimination of intentional and inadvertent duplicate participants.

  • TrueSample can help you to prevent duplication by analyzing characteristics from a device to determine a unique digital fingerprint.
  • Deploys an advanced algorithm for mobile devices and corporate environments reducing false positives.
  • Incorporates pre-validated sample to ensure a unique identity across multiple devices.

Fraud Check

Another benefit is that along with TrueSample solution you'll receive "TrueMatch Fraud Check". What is it? It provides tools for the elimination of potential fraudulent participants by checking any anomalies in the device settings. There are several automated checks for:

  • Language (comparing the browser language against the device operating system)
  • Geo-browser Language (comparing the browser language against the geolocation languages)
  • Geo-os Language (comparing the device operating system language against the geolocation languages)
  • Geo-Browser Time Zone (comparing the browser time zone against the geolocation time zone)
  • Geo Off-Hours (checking if geolocation time is during "off-hours")
  • Multi-Device-Usage
  • Anonymous Status (identify users attempting to remain anonymous and why)
  • Proxy-Connections
  • Tor-Network
  • Blacklisting (check if IP address is present on any blacklist and why)
  • Bot-Identification

How does it work?

To use TrueSample Device Fingerprint in your questionnaires you will need to provide a range of parameters that are sent to TrueSample. These parameters will contain the API authentication detail along with some custom parameters you need to adjust based on the desired functionality. For your comfort, the parameters can be set in a separate expression form, which will allow you to change their values without having to interact with the inclusion-script itself. The communication to the API itself happens in an ordinary question form with a hidden input. The process itself will happen in the background, so it is ideally used e.g. as the welcome screen of your survey, as the request can take a few seconds, depending on the internet connection speed. The values as described in the Fraud Check chapter are represented inside the dataset and can be used further for filtering or other actions.

Want to know more?

For more detailed information including technical explanations please visit Dub Community or TrueSample website.


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