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How to make market research surveys attractive to gen Y and gen Z?

Tips for engaging with younger generations whose prominence on the market keeps growing

How to make market research surveys attractive to gen Y and gen Z?

Posted on 9 July 2020 in Online Survey
by DataExpert
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One of the biggest challenges of market research agencies is to make their surveys attractive to the generation Y (born after 1980) but mainly to generation Z (born after 1995).

As for the shopping power, the political and economic influence of these generations are getting stronger, ignoring their opinion would be a fatal mistake.


So how to make market research surveys attractive to gen Y and Z?

The answer is simple: with a beautiful design.

Surveys must look beautiful.

An online survey with beautiful design and enjoyable #uxdesign will make way more completes than an average looking one.


We created a demo survey in Nebu: click here to see it yourself (desktop / mobile!)

This online questionnaire is an excellent example of how an online survey has to look like after 2020 to make it attractive to gen Y and Z!

We decided to make a very fluid, almost application like survey experience for the users:

  1. The intro page has a definite high contrast look where you can reach all the necessary information about the study.
  2. Black, white and red colors dominate through the whole survey, making a tech look for a premium product.
  3. All the questions have a small twist to make them more engaging, fluid animations and continuously inform respondents about the progress.

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