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Integration of Market Research in Everyday Life

Making market research an integrated part of everyday life means that you can instantly trigger research on any event that occurs

Integration of Market Research in Everyday Life

Eric van Velzen
Posted on 12 March 2013 in Sampling
by Eric van Velzen
2 min

Imagine checking out of a hotel and receiving, within 10 minutes, (while you are in a taxi) a request to participate in a survey regarding your stay on your Smartphone. This really makes market research an integrated part of the service or product offering to your customers. Integration with these systems means that you can instantly trigger customer feedback on any event that occurs within a business process. 


Integration in everyday life

Since market research is considered part of the business, we think you should be able to make it part of the business process. And that means integration of survey data collection with the business systems. By integration with business systems like CRM systems a whole new range of possibilities appears. We believe the future of market research is integration. The reason for that is that market research itself is integrated in experiences we have. For example, after a Skype call we are fine to answer questions about quality, or if we walk out a store it is fine if someone asks us quickly a few related questions. As long as it is fast and relevant to everyday life, and data protection is securily taken care of, we are all happy to participate. 

Offering great opportunities

Also integration at interview level offers great opportunities. Think of an app of a fast-food restaurant. Besides its obvious functionality on restaurant locations and nutrition facts, this can also be the perfect platform to launch a customer satisfaction survey from, especially when you can detect that this user is actually in a restaurant by using Wi-Fi. And because you are operating from within the app with other purposes than market research, you can easily offer appropriate incentives for participation. Just think of what a great platform more general purpose apps could be. Think of apps from newspapers or information providers for weather or public transport. All a perfect launch platform for research, by offering incentives.

We at Nebu have all these possible integration opportunities on our radar, we have them on our roadmap and we believe so should you. Which of these will grow big? Only time will tell. But do let us know if you have an idea on that!


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