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Live data stream between Dub InterViewer and Nebu Reporter - a demo case

Complete a Nebu's GDPR survey and watch the numbers in the dashboard update

Live data stream between Dub InterViewer and Nebu Reporter - a demo case

Malgorzata Mleczko
Posted on 4 December 2018 in Online Survey
by Malgorzata Mleczko
2 min

Reporting is an essential part of running any market research company. I'm talking about both the external reporting to End Clients and internal for CATI/Ops Managers, Account/Project Managers, and Research Executives for quality control purposes.  

As a  market researcher, you’ll want to drive action by providing (detailed) information to End Clients. Because, at the end of the day, your clients need to be getting a return on their investment: research conducted by your organization, so you can underpin their business decisions by delivering actionable insights available at the exact right moment, or even better: in real-time. And of course, preferably in an efficient manner, without a lot of manual work!


This demo case is a simple way to show you what I mean, and a snippet of how seamless Nebu Dub InterViewer and Nebu Reporter can work together...

The use case consists of two components: an online survey created with Nebu Dub InterViewer and a Nebu Reporter dashboard connected to this particular project (both are fully responsive, so I encourage you to check the survey and the dashboard on your mobile :))

The GDPR Knowledge Test survey has been created just before the GDPR came into force in May 2018, and since then it is available as an open survey on our pages. Those few months of having it live made it possible to collect some data, though please keep in mind that is a marketing exercise and not a real project so don't be surprised to see so many started and not completed sessions ;)

The ‘quiz’ survey (if you are a Nebu Data Suite user, you may have already seen it) is meant as a fun way to test your state of knowledge about the new legislation. It consists of 20 questions of various question types. Some questions are not that easy. But if you dare to take the challenge, you'll learn a lot about the GDPR, which is still relatively new legislation that affects everyone who deals with data of EU citizens! For every incorrect answer you gave, you're going to see the correct answer, and in the end, you'll get a summary of your achievements ;-). I hope you're going to have as much fun answering as we had to create it.

The corresponding Nebu Reporter dashboard presents an overview of what has happened in that survey since it got published in May. In widgets you can see a few essential progress reporting pieces of information, for example:

  • an overview of results and completes,
  • the duration of an interview,
  • information about the last question that was answered => so basically where people dropped out of the survey (typically quite actionable information for you, as it could point to a logical or technical error in the survey, or rather a point where people stop because they get bored :),
  • an all count for a few questions, in which you can check quickly which answers are being given.

The most fun part is that the Nebu Reporter dashboard is connected to the live Nebu Dub InterViewer project. So if you take the time to complete the survey, you can check out how your answers change the numbers in the dashboard (disclaimer: the numbers are usually fetched almost in real time, but it might that up to 5 minutes to have them updated).  

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