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Market Research Disrupted

Market Research Disrupted

Eric van Velzen
Posted on 8 September 2016 in Agile
by Eric van Velzen
1 min

I'm happy to announce that the article written by Emile Bakker, Head of Product at Nebu, got published in the September issue of Online MR Magazine. Would you like to know how Market Research got disrupted? Download the Issue and read Emile's article! 


In the current edition of the magazine you can read not only about why the industry should be more focused on panel quality, but also about how technology is changing research landscape, and a lot more.

Emile Bakker wrote a paper on how market research got disrupted and what is changing at the customers of market research.


Emile explains how we've reached a point where the amount of data a company creates, uses, collects and needs to manage has exploded in recent years and how to utilize it in order to enrich market research processes. 

Agile, scrum and lean are the modern project management methodologies that should be adopted in the Market Research Industry.

What does Agile Market Research mean?

Download the September issue of Online MR Magazine for free and read the full article.


Download the magazine


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