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Nebu's 25 Years #4 - Independence and Growth

In 2018 Nebu is celebrating its 25th anniversary. A quarter of a century means a lot of stories. We’d like to take you on a trip down memory lane, and blog post by blog post, tell a little bit more about how we started and came into the market research industry!

Nebu's 25 Years #4 - Independence and Growth

Eric van Velzen
Posted on 14 June 2018 in 25years
by Eric van Velzen
6 min

Growth and getting independent again

In the years after joining SSI (described in the previous post), all focus was on growing Dub Knowledge. As mentioned, the development team had grown exponentially and the cooperation with SSI was intense and fruitful. In 2012 it was time to make some choices, which led to the sale of Dub Knowledge to SSI, who have been further developing it for their own worldwide expansion. We are extremely proud to have developed the system that the largest panel provider of the world is using day in day out for their operations.

We started reselling the panel management system and had put our focus back to collecting data. Online, mobile and all other modes grew rapidly, with our extensive developments on responsive surveys.

CATI was here to stay - Dialler as a Service

Many years ago, when usage of online surveys was booming, Call Center surveys (CATI, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) were declared to be dying. It wasn’t true, although there has been a big consolidation in the market. Many small call centers stopped and large ones became larger. A number of clients have been growing in number of seats and expanding to multiple countries. Our multi-mode approach to CATI, WAPI and mobile paid back and more companies valued the efficiency gains and fieldwork management reporting that Dub InterViewer brings to them.

Together with our partner inITova, we have brought a new innovation to the market: Dialer as a Service. The no-investment, pay-as-you-go solution for CATI. With large volumes our buying power for telephone costs became huge, which made us able to offer the lowest costs on the market.

Data management - The new promise

And last but not least, there is the new promise of Market Research: automation and using data from Social Media and other sources of data, to be used with (or without) data from surveys. In 2015 we started building Nebu Data Hub, the tool that addresses these new requirements of Market Research.

world map resellers_properfile

Global Reach

Our ambition for growth has always been strong and continues to be so. As we like to give great service to clients, act global and stay local, our expansion is fuelled by working with resellers in various parts of the world. In North America, Nordics, United Kingdom, Germany, India and Australia we are working with a great team of reseller. The latter two we welcomed in the recent year and it is expected we will start working with resellers in Singapore, Hong Kong and other areas soon as well.

These local business partners are true Nebu software experts and provide local support to clients, including tools and support for implementing standard and custom marketing research concepts like Brand Awareness, NPS, Brand Sentiment and much more.

Together with Nebu's partners, we're working on extending the growth of our businesses in those regions even further. But this is only the beginning, we're working on ways to significantly extending Nebu’s reach and strengthen our global development strategy in upcoming years.

And beyond

It’s amazing how fast time has flown by, I have loved every single step of this. Writing these four blog posts has been fantastic, so many things came back while writing these. Several times, I found myself writing too many details and then removing it again, as it would have become way too longI’ll save that for my memoirs ;-). I hope you enjoyed reading these posts as much as I enjoyed writing them. In the last weeks I already received many nice comments from people who read the first posts. Thanks for your support, it inspired me to go on and make (last-minute) changes.

I want to thank everyone who is or has been part of this fantastic journey: employees, clients, family, investors, friends, and everyone I forgot to mention. In this respect, I want to mention and honour Fred, with whom it all started! Tonight we’re going to have a toast on the past 25 years and the next 25, onwards to 50 years!


About the author:


Eric van Velzen is founder, and CEO of Nebu, he’s an active entrepreneur and a board member of the Digital Analytics profgroup of MOA Academy as well as member of the board of Entrepreneur’s Organization’s Accelerator program.


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