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Nebu at ESOMAR Congress 2019

Greening the world, tree by tree, survey by survey

Nebu at ESOMAR Congress 2019

Malgorzata Mleczko
Posted on 19 September 2019 in CSR
by Malgorzata Mleczko
4 min

Last week Nebu attended ESOMAR Congress with a very special initiative: Promoting tree-planting in Market Research. We didn’t offer any takeaway gadgets at the booth, but on behalf of each of the delegates, we adopted a tree. Read on to learn what that means...

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Where did the idea come from

IMG-5231This year, we have partnered with EcoMatcher to promote tree-planting as a way to offer a unique and meaningful reward to respondents or panel members upon completing a survey. At Nebu we care about giving back to the world and we believe in socially responsible and sustainable business. With our CSR program, we prove that both can go hand in hand. When two years ago we heard about EcoMatcher, we immediately saw the possibilities: for our clients, for the environment and for the farmers who grow the trees.

How to integrate into research processes

For more than a year now, Nebu clients are already using newly planted trees as incentives in their research projects. To learn more about the idea behind this cooperation please visit this Esomar Forest page

How a researcher can use EcoMatcher, you wonder? The sky is the limit! Choose as many trees as you want to adopt, or allow you panel members to choose to redeem their points into newly planted trees. You can use the option for a specific project or for all of them, for a specific target group like millennials or high-income respondents who are not easily swayed off their feet by just an average reward. You can offer one tree or a whole forest.


What did we do at the ESOMAR Congress

Thanks to ESOMAR's engagement in this initiative, during the recent Congress we were able to share the idea of rewarding respondents and panel members with newly planted trees with Market Research at large. Together with EcoMatcher, we had a booth, an information point for ESOMAR delegates to be able to find us, learn more about the initiative and us. We also got invited to present the initiative on stage.

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Eric van Velzen, Nebu's CEO (in the picture above) was presenting on the main stage in Edinburgh; Bas Fransen, founder of EcoMatcher joined via a call from Hong Kong. Together they brought to light a few facts pointing to the global climate crisis, they talked about the need for action, and about the recent findings of the Swiss scientists who discovered the mind-blowing potential of tree planting into combatting climate change. After the speech, all delegates received an email with their newly planted tree. The video presents an actual experience of what it means to be rewarded with a newly planted tree via the EcoMatcher platform (a.k.a. what happens once a person clicks on the tree URL).



To read more about how tree-planting is enough to reverse global warming go to our blog post, to get more details on the offer go to this page. Together we can make a difference! Join the initiative!!!

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