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Nebu Data Hub Presentation [Video]

Companies that want to keep up and grow need to embrace Big Data and it is really easy with Nebu Data Hub.

Nebu Data Hub Presentation [Video]

Eric van Velzen
Posted on 22 June 2016 in Nebu Software
by Eric van Velzen
1 min

Our breakthrough platform designed to enrich your market research process is finally available!

This 1-minute video introduces Nebu Data Hub to you in a flash.

Available data is growing exponentially and the expectation is for insight 'now'. Companies that want to keep up and grow need to embrace Big Data. And the good news is that it is really easy with our solution.With a single tool, we provide you the ability to collect data from multiple sources, manage and utilize it without any export or import.

Merge multiple data sources; forget about data floating around, without control, in mailboxes; deliver data to your applications with just one click; embed analytics as part of the project and utilize it in your dashboarding tool - all in a single platform!

Are you ready to learn what Nebu Data Hub can do for you and how it works?

Press play to watch the story about Nebu Data Hub!

Nebu Data Hub is a response to the exploding data volumes and sources used by market researchers. It provides a secure platform to collect, manage and utilize a variety of data sources, for more efficient and effective research.

Although Nebu Data Hub stores collected data and can export this, it is more than just another database, because:

  • data is not held in it,
  • data is 'pulled' in real time.


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