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Nebu Dub InterViewer in light of the GDPR

Discover the steps Nebu is undertaking to support its clients in creating fully compliant (GDPR) fieldwork and marketing research

Nebu Dub InterViewer in light of the GDPR

Wouter Eijben
Posted on 26 March 2018 in GDPR
by Wouter Eijben
3 min

After publishing our previous blog post (about a new Nebu Dub InterViewer functionality helping users to comply with the upcoming GDPR), we've received a lot of inquiries regarding solutions that already exist in the system, and future developments to be released to clients before 25th of May 2018, when the new legislation comes into force.


First of all, we've made the GDPR a priority from Dub InterViewer development point of view. We've analyzed the requirements and obligations of the legislation with regards to the marketing research industry, which has resulted in a list of (planned) developments, as part of our release cycle before May 2018. In summary, this boils down to:

  • Removing respondent-specific information from log files (this concerns the backend, and not particularly interesting from a user point of view, but still worth mentioning here);
  • Refactoring the logs (in the database) to be able to delete the data if needed (something that individuals (data subjects) will be able to demand, from May 2018 onwards);
  • (Stronger) password encryption for Manage Frames users and CATI interviewers; and
  • Most importantly: we'll enable our users to remove a respondent completely from the system in one step. Again, because since 25th of May 2018 data subjects will have this 'right to be forgotten'.

With the developments mentioned above, we will allow clients to prevent Personal Identifiable Information (PII data) to be stored in the system where it should not be found, add the possibility to remove it upon request, and in general, increase the overall security of the Nebu system.

Next to this we will add some warnings to the system, alerting our users to be careful with asking for/storing personal data in their questionnaires/projects. This is ultimately the responsibility of the data owner (you, our clients) but of course, our responsibility is to help to eliminate potential risks. 

Furthermore, the following 'GDPR functionalities’ are already available in Nebu Dub InterVIewer:

  • During the project archiving process (using Dub Archive), it's possible to move the sample to a separate file (and delete that afterward). This enables a user to retain the data and the design of the survey in an archive, without the need for manual cleaning of PII data. Please read our article about Dub Archive, for more information. (Please note that you have to be a registered Nebu user to be able to access this article.)
  • We also have the option to automatically clean sample variables upon completion of an interview. It's described in the previous blog post. A powerful piece of functionality that helps users to "not keep any PII data longer than strictly necessary.”



Wouter Eijben joined Nebu at the beginning of 2012, initially taking on the role of Manager Customer Care. Early 2014 he formed the Technical Account Management team. Currently, in charge of the operations branch at Nebu, he is responsible for Support, Technical Account Management, the onboarding and training of (new) clients, New Product Introduction (NPI) and the hosting of our software.

Before joining Nebu, Wouter worked for over ten years at market research firms Interview-NSS and Synovate (later Ipsos), in various roles focusing largely on the technical and operational side of market research.

It's Wouter's philosophy that creating happy customers always starts with happy, well-organized, motivated and communicative teams.


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