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Posted on 26 August 2015 in Big Data
by Emile Bakker
4 min

What Makes "Big Data" BIG?

For those who are employed in a business that "touches" data somehow - whether their company collects data, analyzes it, transmits it, or stores and protects it - "Big Data" is likely a term that has, over the past year or two, risen to the fore of their consciousness. Every component within a company that, for example, manufactures and sells ice cream in its own stores - from the R&D team that develops new flavors, to the marketers who decide which flavors to promote most heavily, to the financial analysts who determine the profitability of each retail location - is very likely a candidate to enter the world of Big Data.


And for those of us in market research, whose livelihoods are immersed an endless cycle of data collection, analysis, transmission, and storage, Big Data has become an inescapable vortex that promises to become more and more integral to the market research process as supplier familiarity increases.

Posted on 10 August 2015 in Customer Feedback
by Ian Roberts
4 min

How to Close the Feedback Loop to Improve Customer Satisfaction

In our recent blog, Improving Satisfaction by Closing the Feedback Loop, we discussed loops to improve the overall customer experience. There are three ways your customer satisfaction measurement program can support a closed feedback loop:

  • First, identify your moments of truth and integrate measurement across them.
  • Second, automate the process from start to finish.
  • Third, act on the information to improve customer satisfaction.

Many companies become unhappy with their customer satisfaction programs because they don't get information that leads to improvement. Using the closed feedback loop approach avoids this situation and helps to build a customer-focused approach to continuous improvement.

Posted on 4 August 2015 in Customer Feedback
by Ian Roberts
5 min

Improve Satisfaction by Closing the Feedback Loop

Most businesses understand that customer satisfaction is a key metric of organizational success. But many businesses also struggle with making those customer satisfaction metrics actionable and meaningful - internally and externally. Actionability has been a challenge that businesses have struggled with for years, and it is only becoming more challenging as the digital environment facilitates - and also confuses - the consumer's path to purchase.

In the early days of marketing and marketing research, we described the path to purchase as AIDA (awareness, interest, decision, and action). And that worked fairly well for marketers who controlled the information and distribution channels to the consumer. However, in our more complex digital world, consumers can take many paths to purchase, some of which we control and some we don't, and businesses need to understand and monitor all of those paths.

Posted on 10 June 2015 in CATI
by Ian Roberts
5 min

Not Your usual CATI - CATI/Online Hybrid

In our previous blog post - Why is CATI making a Comeback – we reviewed telephone research and discussed how and why it is making a comeback in market research after being displaced for a time by online approaches. As we discussed in that post, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing represents one of the first attempts to merge technology with the market research interview process.

Posted on 18 May 2015 in CATI
by Ian Roberts
3 min

Remembering the Early Days of CATI

Not so very long ago, most quantitative research was administered via paper-and-pencil, via telephone or in-person, by interviewing staff. For those too new to our industry to recall that era, it’s somewhat difficult to convey the enthusiasm with which technology facilitating data collection was welcomed into the market research industry.

Posted on 26 February 2015 in Online Survey
by Ian Roberts
7 min

Mobile Market Research

Name something that virtually everyone you know has with them just about all the time, just about every day.

If your first instinct was to mention “mobile phone”, the numbers definitely back up your observations: Of the approximately 7 billion people currently living here on Earth, there are currently between 4 and 4.5 BILLION unique mobile users globally; that translates to about three in four adults on the planet who own a mobile phone. The number of global mobile phone users is forecast to exceed a staggering 5 billion by 2017.



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