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Posted on 26 March 2013 in Customer Feedback
by Eric van Velzen
2 min

Customer Feedback: What to Do Once You Have It?

Companies can'’t do without customer feedback: It enables them to communicate with their customer; to learn what is liked and what is disliked; to understand where improvements can be made, and to receive recognition for the service provided. How to get this feedback? Yes, you'’re right, just ask and you know the answer. This can work when you are a local shop, have face to face contact with your customers, and have built up a relationship. But what to do when you are a new venture, or an online company? In that case it can feel impossible to get to know your clients personally, even if you really would like to.


Posted on 14 March 2013 in Security
by Ian Roberts
2 min

The Online Conundrum: Balancing Trust with Reach

We all know the benefits of being online: speed of response, geographical spread, sample size. And are probably aware of the issues we face in our daily online lives: spam, phishing, identity theft.... But do we ever consider them together?


Posted on 12 March 2013 in Sampling
by Eric van Velzen
2 min

Integration of Market Research in Everyday Life

Imagine checking out of a hotel and receiving, within 10 minutes, (while you are in a taxi) a request to participate in a survey regarding your stay on your Smartphone. This really makes market research an integrated part of the service or product offering to your customers. Integration with these systems means that you can instantly trigger customer feedback on any event that occurs within a business process. 



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