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R applied to Market Research: Generate editable PPTs using R

In response to increasing interest in R among market(ing) researchers, we are starting a new blog series diving deeper into the practical use of this programing language for Nebu Data Hub users. In this blog series, we will be touching upon using R to process, clean, restructure and analyze data, create visualizations and automate processes.

R applied to Market Research: Generate editable PPTs using R

Csanad Kolcsei
Posted on 6 July 2020 in Big Data
by Csanad Kolcsei
4 min

R is growing to become the most efficient way to work with (big) data. With R being an integrated part of our Nebu Data Hub, we want to spread the news and bring some of those powerful capabilities that R has to offer, closer to everyone in the fieldwork and market(ing) research industry.  


R offers many ways to improve internal processes and increase its efficiency; It can, for example, be used to generate PowerPoint presentations. Once an R code is created (internally or outsourced), it runs on a live data stream, and can deliver new editable files to relevant people eg. research executives, operations manager, etc for their further usage and processing, fully scheduled to meet your requirement.

Let’s take a look into details, shall we?

The goal for me was to write a script that makes the process of creating PowerPoint presentations containing R charts and some custom text explaining the content relatively easy. This, for example, can be used to facilitate the process of preparing final reports for research executives. Perhaps you'd like to have a presentation where each slide represents a particular question of your survey and show a respondent's answers in the context of all completes? The sky is the limit in how you wish to apply that script!

Customizability was a key aspect. I wanted to allow for easy alteration of the look and feel of the presentation, so anyone can adapt it to their needs with just a few simple steps. 

Customizability can be applied on multiple ends, and I would like to explain the process of creating an R generated presentation. In the first step, a programmer gets/creates a PowerPoint template document that defines the basic look of the PowerPoint presentation: background picture, color, font types and sizes, the layout of a slide, etc. In the next step, they load and run all the chart-generating scripts. Then they pass on the references of the generated charts with optional explanatory text to the presentation exporter-script itself.

The best part comes here! The charts in the R generated presentation are not simple, static images, but are native PowerPoint charts or editable vector graphics. This way you can use R’s powerful data processing and chart generating features without having to fully rely on the programmer, as the final content can be edited by basically anyone (see for yourself in the video below)! Such a script, once it is prepared, can easily be applied to various projects where automated creation of PowerPoint presentations can save you and your team a lot of time!

HubSpot Video

All registered Nebu Data Suite users can read more about R generated PowerPoint presentations in this technical article.

If you find it interesting, subscribe to our newsletter. We will be posting more blog posts about possible applications of R to help you increase work efficiency. Soon we will be hosting a webinar presenting how to R auto-generate various outputs like charts, docs, pdfs, ppts and emails.

To give you an idea of how we work with R here at Nebu I want to give a short and high-level explanation of what kind of data we do work with. All of the project data collected by clients via our multimode tool, Nebu Dub InterViewer, is seamlessly and securely shared with Nebu Data Hub. From there, one can merge their primary research with any secondary data source, perform all sorts of data operations, automate and queue processes as well as create attractive visualisation that can be used by other members of the team.

Even though R is becoming a default programming language at universities nowadays, still not everyone has the skills to work with R. Obviously it is not necessary for everyone in the organisation to know this programming language. R is so efficient that even one person working with it can make a huge difference across an entire company. You can use some of ready-to-use R scripts we have prepared for our clients, write your own, or easily outsource the creation of scripts with our technology partners.

If you want to learn more about Nebu Data suite and how it can help you automate processes and increase work efficiency submit a form to the right. Our expert will reach out soon to schedule a call! 



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