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Responsive Questionnaires Designed without Any Technical Knowledge

Edit the stylesheet of Nebu responsive template without any CSS knowledge

Responsive Questionnaires Designed without Any Technical Knowledge

Eric van Velzen
Posted on 12 July 2016 in Questionnaire Design
by Eric van Velzen
2 min

Did you know that within Nebu Software you are able to edit the stylesheet of your responsive template without any CSS knowledge?

Using responsive templates is not only an advantage but also a necessity nowadays because you have no control over the device your respondents use.

This is how the Nebu Template Stylesheet Editor looks like:

Nebu Template Stylesheet Editor

You can easily open the editor:

  1. Open Dub Quest.
  2. Open your WAPI project where you used the template that can be edited.
  3. Go to Project Settings.
  4. Go to the Main Screen tab of WAPI.
  5. Click on the wizard icon Wizard icon.

Project settings window

In the top-left corner you can choose the form types, in our case we are making changes in a 'Numeric' question, and you can choose the browsers, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome but you can also use a 'Console View'. Console is messages from the system.

Form types

On the right side you can find the 'Settings Pane' where you can make the 'fine-tuning' of the design. Just click on the double arrow symbol and the options will roll down. You are able to change the background image or add a color as the background, set your logo and its position, and you can also make changes to the text. You can change the fonts, the sizes, and the colors.

Settings Pane

Once you made all the desired changes simply close this window, so you will be redirected to the Project Settings window of Dub Quest, and continue your work.

Click here to experience the look & feel of a Nebu responsive questionnaire!


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