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Rybbon’s Points-to-Rewards Solution Integrates with Nebu’s Panel Management Platform

Automated reward delivery takes the pain and unnecessary expense out of program administration and ensures a seamless user experience for panel members

Rybbon’s Points-to-Rewards Solution Integrates with Nebu’s Panel Management Platform

Malgorzata Mleczko
Posted on 16 February 2021 in Nebu Software
by Malgorzata Mleczko
4 min

Nebu and Rybbon have entered into a partnership to leverage the power of automated rewards for panel members.

Successful panels rely on productive, lasting relationships with panelists. With points-to-rewards, panel managers can incentivize their panel members to take desired actions, such as submitting a profiling and  research surveys or inviting a friend to register. Panel members complete these actions and accumulate points over time, and when a set threshold is reached the points can be redeemed for desirable Rybbon rewards. Rybbon’s extensive catalog includes e-gift cards from top brands like Amazon, prepaid Visa and Mastercard rewards, and e-donations. The platform streamlines the global delivery of these rewards by curating choices based on a panel member’s country and currency.


On top of helping to keep panel members active and engaged, the new integration holds multiple benefits also to panel managers. Let's see, shall we?

By integrating with Rybbon, Nebu Panel Manager helps users eliminate the time-consuming and costly hand-delivery of large reward volumes. Without automation, this can oftentimes be a complicated and error-prone process, especially when the choice of rewards is large and recipients reside across multiple countries.

Global rewarding is now simplified and managed by the Rybbon platform. The platform makes it easy to set up and reward as many recipients as needed - and then track each of their rewards once they’ve been sent. If the recipient does not claim the reward, panel users get a 100% refund on that money, making sure that that none of the budget disappears into oblivion. If the recipient has any issues redeeming the reward, panel managers don’t have to spend time troubleshooting because Rybbon offers recipient support to deal with such situations on their behalf. With Rybbon's tiered permissions and multi-user account access, it’s easy to get teams aligned and designate certain roles to tasks, such as approvals. Finally, it helps a great deal to keep panel members engaged with the extensive catalog of e-gifts and e-donations.

The partnership with Rybbon strengthens the Nebu's panel management offering.


Nebu Panel Manager, a 360-degree application, covers the full chain of panel operations, from supporting multiple recruitment channels, powerful member management functionalities, flexible sampling to running an efficient ticketing back office. Rybbon’s integration with Nebu Panel Manager improves a panel manager's overall efficiency and effectiveness by way of automating many tasks that would otherwise need to be done manually.  Repetitive administrative work can be reduced by up to 70%. Furthermore it can significantly improve the engagement of panel members by facilitating the easy redemption of points for a range of attractive rewards.

By choosing Nebu Panel Manager - integrated with Rybbon - you receive many benefits, including:

  • A single  multi-tenant solution to build, maintain and monetize panels for various vertical markets, industries, brands and customers
  • A simple solution allowing members to collect points for completing surveys or to offer an instant reward for completing a questionnaire
  • 100% refunds on unclaimed rewards that are 10-20% of all rewards and can be a significant portion of the rewarding budget
  • Simplified global rewarding with the Smart Global Choice feature, which means no more expensive errors in the rewarding process, for example, due to managing with multiple currencies

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