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Nebu & 100WEEKS - Tablet-based Pop-Up call center - Kigali (Rwanda)

100WEEKS, a Dutch organization focused on helping women in developing countries to get out of poverty is using Nebu's market research tools to measure the impact of their projects in Rwanda and soon in Ghana

Nebu & 100WEEKS - Tablet-based Pop-Up call center - Kigali (Rwanda)

Malgorzata Mleczko
Posted on 6 March 2018 in CSR
by Malgorzata Mleczko
4 min

In the previous blog post, we've introduced 100WEEKSan inspiring Dutch non-profit organization helping women in Africa to get out of extreme poverty. Since 2015 they have already helped 240 women and are successfully proceeding with next projects. We (Nebu) are supporting this amazing social responsible initiative by providing 100WEEKS with Nebu Dub InterViewer to facilitate the data collection processes. It is great to see how they have been able to use Nebu's tool to the reality of the challenging African environment!


100WEEKS together with the local fieldwork team have set-up a tablet-based Pop-Up call center and are proceeding with the first interviews! The local program manager Fabrice (on the right) together with four interviewers (from left to right: Maureen, Lucie, Benign, Maliza) are calling women regularly to hear how they are doing and to collect data thereon. 

Data collection is an important part of the project as Johannes (in the middle of the picture in the front of Jeroen, 100WEEKS' co-founder) needs to measure the impact of the program on the lives of 100 women taking part in the project.

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100WEEKS' tablet-based Pop-Up call center set up in Kigali, Rwanda powered by Nebu

The project includes a series of evaluation surveys conducted over the course of the 100 weeks. For the telephone interviews, 100WEEKS decided to use our web-based Nebu Dub InterViewer’s CATI module, directly on tablets. Applying such a solution made 100WEEKS able to limit the initial costs of organizing the call center and workstations. It also provides the organization with the flexibility to pack and move the Pop-Up call center easily to wherever the next project will be held. The actual calling is conducted directly with tablets via its’ GSM modules. A part of the interviews will be held directly on site (face-to-face) with the use of the CAPI app of-line when there is no mobile phone coverage. Survey (both CATI and CAPI) and sample data collected during the interviews is being stored on centralized servers in the Netherlands. On the data processing and analyzing we will inform you in a next update.

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Maureen, Lucie, Benign, Maliza joined the 100WEEKS' team. Those four ambitious women will be interviewing women taking part in the Rwanda project.

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The local program manager Fabrice busy with setting up last details before the fieldwork starts 

We will soon inform you about the next project that starts in Ghana, supported by the Chocolonely Foundation. This West African country experiences a lot of poverty. Many people working in the cocoa sector, are underpaid. A quarter of the population lives below the poverty line, having no more than € 3.20 per day. 100WEEKS focuses on supporting women who face extreme hardship and poverty, often widows and single women who live and work in rural areas. Without their own piece of land - for example, to grow cocoa - they are vulnerable. With the money, these women will receive via 100WEEKS, their perspective and chances of developing a better life raises. For example, they can invest in their business or buy land. They can fix-up their home and their children can go to school. As a result, they become mentally stronger, they may break the vicious circle of poverty. 

Women taking part in 100WEEKS' projects get unconditional cash and training in financial literacy and basic entrepreneurial skills. See yourself how they manage to move out of extreme poverty in 100WEEKS. 





You can support the cause yourself by donating founds! Please visit 100WEEKS page to contribute and help women to get out of extreme poverty. Every Euro counts!




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