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TCPA compliance is more than Manual Dialing

US-based hosting and TCPA compliant dialing solution to support marketing researchers in the States

TCPA compliance is more than Manual Dialing

Malgorzata Mleczko
Posted on 14 February 2019 in CATI Interviewing
by Malgorzata Mleczko
2 min

With the industries’ stringent security and data protection requirements to where the data should or should not reside, the need for compliance with local regulations Nebu now offers US-based hosting and a TCPA compliant dialer.


The data center in the US

The new data center is located in East US, set-up on the Azure platform. It meets the highest security standards (CSA STAR Certification, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27017:2015, ISO 27018:2014, ISO 20000-1:2011, ISO 22301:2012, ISO 9001:2015) and allows Nebu to scale up as per the need of its client base. The first clients on the platform are up and running.

TCPA compliant dialing

In addition, for our US customers, we offer access to a TCPA compliant dialer, which is fully integrated with our robust and flexible multimode data collection software, Nebu Dub InterViewer.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was enacted by the US Congress in 1991 to protect consumers from the invasion of privacy caused by telemarketing phone calls and faxes. The TCPA restricts telephone solicitations (i.e., telemarketing) and the use of automated telephone equipment. It also limits the use of automatic dialing systems, artificial or prerecorded voice messages, SMS text messages, and fax machines.

Nebu, to ensure its US-based clients will be able to conduct fully TCPA-compliant fieldwork, offer access to a manual-only dialing system (no other dialing modes, even disabled, are allowed on the system). For clients requiring access to other calling modes, we can offer a parallel system including access to automated dialing modes (to learn more about efficiency gains by fieldwork dialer mode click here).

How to prevent penalties

While many companies believe that pure manual dialing offers compliance with the legislation, in fact, it still might lead to legal liability. If an interviewer's finger slips, and by accident picks the wrong number, this might be considered a violation of the statute and result in a penalty (ranging from $500 to $1500 per  call). Since it's not such an impossible scenario, Nebu built in a user-friendly dialing solution, that will prevent interviewers from misdialing completely.


TCPA compliant dialing is fully integrated with Nebu's interviewing system, which means less hassle and increased work efficiency. In the CATI screen, just before making a new call, interviewers are presented with an overview of respondent data that is available in the system. Among that information (see the box on the left side of the screenshot above), they are being provided a phone number.

Interviewers, using the Software Support for Manual Dialing solution, need to re-type the number in the DialPad popping-up on the screen. When the manually entered number matches the provisioned one, the box is highlighted in green. In other cases, the system marks the number in the box in red, therewith informing the interviewer of the need to correct a typo.

Our TCPA compliant solution allows you to make recordings, and to filter them on the interview result. 

We believe that with both steps, the quality of services provided by Nebu to marketing research and fieldwork companies in the US increases.

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