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The hottest Nebu news of the first half of 2021

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The hottest Nebu news of the first half of 2021

Malgorzata Mleczko
Posted on 10 June 2021 in Nebu Software
by Malgorzata Mleczko
4 min

The summer season is upon us, which means that we're halfway into 2021. Looking back at this first half of a year with a fresh eye and focused on what it meant for Nebu's team and our customers. We took some time to revisit what we have accomplished so far. It's been a period filled with fruitful cooperations, launching a new survey builder and powerful functionalities in Nebu Panel Manager, building vertical solutions, and engaging more in promoting socially responsible market research. Let's take a look, shall we?

1enghause Nebu's Forest

Enghouse Systems Acquires Nebu

Nebu's Forest Is Growing Steadily

Survey and Community Software Provider Expands Enghouse Product and Netherlands Presence.

MARKHAM, ON and AMSTERDAM, June 3, 2021 - Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX: ENGH) announced it has acquired Nebu BV, an Amsterdam-based provider of market research and data analytics software solutions.

Read the press release to learn more details

Nebu supports the environment by donating trees based on the usage of the Nebu Dub InterViewer system. So far we have planted over 1700 trees but we're not stopping there.

We offer clients the opportunity to reward respondents per completed interview or as part of a loyalty program for its panel members. Having Nebu Dub InterViewer integrated with EcoMatcher allows its users to offer respondents and panel members a unique reward for completing a survey: a newly planted tree.

Press release Nebu Forest


3LisaMancini ebook_email2

An InterView With Lisa Mancini (GDCC) on conducting CATI operations in the US

FREE ebook: A practical guide to an efficient loyalty program

In this 8-minute interview, we speak with Lisa Mancini, VP USA Operations at GDCC, about consolidating and running an almost 300 seats US-based call center into an entirely work-from-home enterprise due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A critical element of building a successful business or community is fostering a productive, lasting relationship with your audience. 
One of the most effective ways is to use points-based rewards. And this is the topic of this joint Nebu and Rybbon's ebook.
The interview The ebook


isopressreleaseemail NebuInterViewer

Nebu is ISO9001 Certified

Nebu launches a new generation survey builder

We are proud to inform you that an independent audit conducted by Certop established that Nebu has successfully introduced and is applying a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

To learn more, read the press release.
Nebu’s newest addition to the Nebu Data Suite is a web-based survey builder designed to help any user to create fun, dynamic and engaging online & CAPI questionnaires fast.

Nebu InterViewer offers a lot of flexibility in terms of research design and methods. Created to support the complex needs of professionals, it still manages to hold a low threshold even for novice scripters.
Press release Press release


SMARTsurveys Email2

Transforming the way of research with Nebu SMART surveys

Creating attractive and functional member portals with Nebu

In this webinar session, we are focusing on the benefits that the integration of our new survey builder with Nebu's panel management solution holds for you for creating SMART (Specific, Motivating, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) research questionnaires.

With this method, you always ask only the relevant questions and the relevant people driving your work and research efficiency through the roof.

Exploring further the topic of running an efficient and well-performing panel, we hosted a webinar focused on presenting the benefits of using Nebu Panel Manager in three main areas:

  • building functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing member portals so you can find and keep members engaged
  • analyzing most effective channels and campaigns, and
  • creating sharp insights into panel health & performance, so you know how to optimize your efforts for the biggest efficiency gains
The recording The webinar
RybbonWebinar conjoint

Nebu Partners with Rybbon to Bring an Integrated Points-to-Rewards Solution to its Panel Management Platform

Designing and pricing products using the Conjoint method implemented in Nebu

An active panel is a successful panel. Offering Rybbon's instant rewards or the points-to-rewards solutions helps to keep panel members engaged in completing profiling and research surveys. Incentivizing is the most effective tool encouraging members to take desired actions, such as submitting a survey or inviting friends to register to a panel.

Nebu Panel Manager is now integrated with Rybbon’s Digital Rewards Management platform to ensure the increased engagement of panel members and the work efficiency of panel managers. 

Help your clients to price products, determine product features and configurations, or needs-based market segmentation using the Conjoint method

Conjoint analysis is a popular method that uncovers consumers’ preferences. In an automated manner and in only a few steps it mimics the tradeoffs people make in the real world when making choices. Let's see how you can implement an end-to-end Conjoint method using Nebu solutions.

Press release Conjoint blog
maxdiff Timeseries

Understanding consumer choices with MaxDiff surveys

Collecting, analyzing and visualizing time-series data with Nebu and R

Whether you wish to understand your customers' expectations regarding products, or which attributes drive their buying decisions, MaxDiff is the most effective and efficient way. In any industry! Let's talk about what this method really is (complicated) and how Nebu facilitates it for you (easy)!

What is MaxDiff, or as some other sources may refer to it, Maximum Difference Scaling, or Best-Worst Scaling? Simply put, it is a survey research technique used to determine preferences between a predefined set of items. By analyzing MaxDiff survey data, we can draw conclusions such as which one is the most/least preferred or rank them.

Whether you wish to predict the trend in upcoming elections, the impact of the weather on shopping decisions, or electricity consumption, time is an important factor that must be considered in collecting, processing and modeling data.

In this blog post, we will dive deeper into the time series. Time series data help to determine if a time-based trend exists and that knowledge can be used further, to predict future consumers' behaviors. We would like to share with you some of Nebu's good practices and tips on collecting and analyzing such data. We also show you some ready-to-use visualizations that you can apply using Nebu.

MaxDiff blog Time-series

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