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The hottest Nebu news of the second half of 2020

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The hottest Nebu news of the second half of 2020

Malgorzata Mleczko
Posted on 9 December 2020 in Nebu Software
by Malgorzata Mleczko
2 min

Perhaps 2020 is one of the most challenging and strange years in our lifetime. We all are deeply involved in dealing with the global pandemic, both on the business and the personal aspects. We've been in several lockdowns, with days and days of isolation, struggling to overcome many obstacles.

For Nebu, the main focus in this passing by the second half of the year was to support our customers in these challenging times. Among the hottest news, you will find new functionalities, tools, and solutions to support our Nebu Data Suite users.

Among many, we have launched an application that helps you to build and maintain an active panel and a CATIweb tool that allows you to add qualitative aspects to CATI interviews, even more important now, when you cannot meet face to face with your interviewees. We have prepared an extensive "Quickstart to R" package to support users embarking on their R journey. You will also find inspirational, interactive questionnaires that will catch the attention of everyone and new developments in Nebu's dashboarding solution.

 Let's take a look, shall we?

600400emailpanelmanager CATIwebTool2

Nebu's new generation panel management solution

CATIweb tool: Bringing qualitative aspects to quantitative research

Nebu Panel Manager is a web-based, 360-degree application that covers the full chain of panel operations:

  • supporting multiple recruitment channels,
  • powerful members’ management functionalities,
  • flexible sampling,
  • running projects,
  • a rewards platform,
  • running an efficient ticketing back office.

To see the Nebu Panel Manager brochure, click here
To watch a sneak preview of Nebu Panel Manager LIVE, click here

Together with Nebu's technology and professional services partner Data Expertwe have released an add-on, the CATIweb tool

In these times, when it is almost impossible or very difficult to physically meet people face to face to ask them questions (CAPI) one needs to be more creative. The add-on allows interviewers to present visual information to the respondent during a CATI Interview. 

Even though this solution will not be able to fully replace the intimacy and deeper connection possible in a real-live encounter it enriches the CATI mode. If you wish to see this new CATI-web tool in action watch this video.

Read the press release If you want to learn more about CATIweb tool please send an email to 


Millenials Rackspacegooglecloud.1.3

Fun, interactive & modern-looking Nebu questionnaires

Nebu moved to a new hosting provider

One of the biggest challenges of market research agencies is to make their surveys attractive to generation Y (people born after 1980) but mainly to generation Z (people born after 1995). The political and economic influence of these generations is getting stronger, ignoring their opinion would be a fatal mistake. Check out our examples of great looking, interactive, and simply fun to complete Nebu Dub InterViewer questionnaires.  

Nebu has successfully finalized moving all its systems to a new hosting provider. From now Nebu clients are hosted on Google Cloud Platform, managed by Rackspace

Nebu’s global expansion required a hosting partner, which can support us consistently on all three continents where we have our data centers (EMEA, America & APAC). 

Check out demo surveys now! Watch CX360 webinar


Rwebinar NDHclientsonly

A guide into applying R into market(ing) research

180 R-scripts ready to use for all Nebu Data Hub users

R has gained massive popularity in the past decade. R was written by statisticians, with statistics and data in mind. It is a perfect choice for data analysis, statistical modeling, simulation and graphics. In response to constantly growing popularity of R in the market research industry Nebu hosted a webinar focused on answering key R questions:
  • WHY is it worth to use R in our industry?
  • HOW to apply R to market research?
  • WHAT areas will R help your organization with?
  • WHICH factors to consider to set up a secure, efficient, and effective workflow?

Watch the recording of Nebu's recent webinar if you would like to:

  • Decide whether R is the right choice for your organization
  • Get a better understanding of what R can offer you
  • Automate more of your processes on daily basis
  • Unlock a truly efficient way to manage and process data (clean, de-duplicate, re-structure, merge, perform calculations and much more)?
  • Create interactive visualisations that are fed with live data and always up-to-date?

To support our clients embarking on the R journey we have prepared an overview of all available and ready-to-use R scripts. An impressive number of 180 R codes are made available for Nebu Data Hub Users and can be reached via this support article

With access to this repository all Nebu Data Hub users get a fast and practical "Starting into R" kit.

Anyone with access to Dub Community can read the article and see examples of any visuals, like the one in the picture below (if you wish to see an interactive version, please click on the image), or in one of those blog articles (about creating PPTs using R and using RMarkdown)

Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 13.17.08 (2)

Watch the recording now! If you want to get access to the repository please reach out to our CC Team for further assistance


sample NebuReporter

End-to-end project management via the Sample Management module

New functionalities in Nebu Reporter

The Sample Management module allows you now to run your projects from start to finish from ManageFrames. It is possible to manage sample, send invitations, and monitor project progress via custom Nebu Reporter dashboards embedded in ManageFrames

If you are a registered Nebu Data Suite user you can read more about the new developments and watch demo video here.

What is available within the Sample Management module?

  • Adding sample records manually, or importing via .csv, .tsv, .xlsx, .xls, .ods files
  • The mass import functionality 
  • You can deduplicate sample records based on several conditions to be met
  • Creating new custom sample properties
  • Filtering sample by any variable or its value
  • Editing records, one by one, or in bulk for multiple records at once
  • Creating and editing global and project-specific email templates
  • Sending email invitations and reminders to sample
  • Next to using the new module via ManageFrames, all clients can also use our Sample Management API, allowing for flexible sample in- & output (fetch, modify, delete) directly via external platforms like your own Panel Management or a CRM system
Nebu Reporter, our reporting web-based application, becomes a more and more important part of Nebu's offering, that aims to support you in the full chain of market(ing) research processes, from Collecting, through Managing to Utilizing all your (primary and secondary) data 

Among many new developments: 

  • Nebu Reporter is now seamlessly connected with Nebu InterViewer and also with Nebu Data Hub (in addition to the connection with Dub InterViewer)
  • You can connect any dashboard with multiple projects
  • You can share widgets with data/results coming from multiple datasources and applications
  • This means you get a lot of flexibility in regard to what kind of data to display per dashboard and it's easy to customize them per role (for example, only completes of all your current projects in a dashboard; or results of a particular project to share with a client)
  • If you are a registered Nebu Data Suit user you can read more about these new developments here

To see all of the above aspects in action, please watch this 10-minute Nebu Reporter video. dd


Should you have any additional questions, please send an email to or submit the for to the right, so that we can connect you with our specialists to assist you further.


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